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Our Values

The common thread which run through all aspects of our business.


Mindful of the Ecosystem

Our sea salt is solar evaporated and hard harvested. It is the product of a delicately balanced ecosystem and as such we want to ensure that we are producing salt with minimal environmental impacts.

​Investing in the environment through mangrove preservation and renewable energy resources will help us achieve this. Sourcing recycled and/or biodegradable packaging, minimizing emissions in transport and building a production facility with the lowest possible carbon footprint, are examples of how we will apply this value.​


Appreciation of differences

Zalt Salt storeTo us, this value transcends beyond the traditional definition of diversity. We are not only honoring the vibrant mix of cultures present in Pemba, but the diversity of us as individuals; understanding and appreciating our similarities and differences. Creating working relationships – partnering with local business and NGOs and creating diverse product lines and salt blends.


Empowering Communities

Sea salt is the islands natural industry. By investing in the farmers we can revive this industry and make Pemba thrive. By providing capacity building for the salt farmers and providing access to funds through the formal banking sector, we are ensuring, from the start, that farmers have the resources they need. Our split pricing model for the farmers and our commitment to reinvesting loans will enable them to earn a sustainable income, harvest to harvest. By putting People First, we can invest in the local community and formalize opportunities for youth and women.


The way we do things

Our passion, liveliness, energy, dynamism, commitment and vitality are evident in all aspects of our business: from people to products to packaging. We are approachable, understanding, patient and solution seekers. We believe in passing on positive energy to excite and encourage others on this journey; giving long term solutions and developing trust. This is the tone and expression of our brand; engaging producers and consumers.


Enhancing flavours and people

Our salt is a gourmet product with a compelling story. The provenance of our product will be paramount to its appeal, allowing the consumer to trace back to source, the farm from which their salt was produced. We will take them on our journey with us, so they can witness how buying our salt will directly benefit the farmer, and the wider community.