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PILI PILI MANGA: Piquant - Pouch, 4.41oz


Black Pepper

ZALT Pili Pili Manga feature whole black peppercorns which are handpicked from the Spice Island of Pemba. The peppercorns are sun-dried and sorted by hand, this natural process ensures peppercorns bursting with flavor.

Zanzibar's own fragrant and piquant peppercorns are bursting with flavor. Sourced from the abundant spice farms on the islands, these peppercorns are handpicked to ensure perfection.

This pouch contains whole black peppercorns, and can be poured straight into our refillable grinders. Alternatively use freshly ground from a pestal and mortar, or use as is, for a crunchy texture; as a dry brine or in your bouquet garni.

Ingredients: Hand Picked Black Peppercorns

4.41oz (125g)

PILI PILI MANGA: Piquant - Pouch, 4.41oz