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HALISI: Hand Harvested Sea Salt - Grinder, 1.76oz



ZALT Coarse sea salt is created by solar evaporation using time honored methods. Our Artisan farmers, harness the perfect convergence of pristine waters, coastal winds and equatorial sunshine, unique to the Zanzibar Archipelago.

Our signature, all natural, Hand harvested sea salt.

Our ZALT Grinder provides the ultimate GRIND. It is small, compact and transitions beautifully from kitchen to table. The grinder delivers a fresh hit of ZALT, so is wonderful to finish dishes before serving, or used at the table for a personal touch. Our grinders are refillable with our 125g pouches. (set link for 125g pouch)

Ingredients: Hand Harvested Coarse Sea Salt

1.76oz (50g)

HALISI: Hand Harvested Sea Salt - Grinder, 1.76oz