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CHANGAMKA: Piquant - Cocktail Shaker, 5.29oz


Wake Up!

Cocktail ZALT's are fun and flavorful, not to mention cute! Shake up for taste, sprinkle in for texture and don't forget to rim your glass. And when you are finished, you have your own personal cocktail shaker! Just grab a bottle and head straight to the party. A perfect hostess gift, if you manage to part with it, that is...

Originally blended for the ultimate Bloody Mary, we crafted the perfect balance of piquant spices, zesty lemon and savory celery. However, this blend will take any cocktail from ordinary to outstanding. Just try in a spicy Margarita! Changamka means "Wake Up" , so safe to say we like ours for brunch.

The ZALT Shaker is funky, compact and transitions beautifully from kitchen to table to outdoor grill. Just shake for a fresh hit of ZALT, all you'll need in one go. Even better, our shakers are refillable with ZALT pouches!

Ingredients:Hand Harvested Sea Salt, Celery, Black Peppercorns, Chili Flakes, Lemon

5.29oz (150g)

CHANGAMKA: Piquant - Cocktail Shaker, 5.29oz